Saturday, April 23, 2011

Remote Control

It has been 4 years since I am living in this apartment; it has got two entrances for the basement parking, front and back. When I first moved here, I always used to use the front entrance, however after some time I found the back entrance is more convenient, as it is broad has got simpler access to my parking place.

However since I started using the back entrance, there is always a problem in opening the parking bar. I found lot of other peoples struggling with it too. That sometime quite frustrating in terms of getting in front of bar trying different combination, trying different distance, pressing button with different frequency, all sort of techniques I developed in last four years and found one or another working at different time.

Every time I was able to open the bar, it was like triumph, an achievement like discovering the secret to unlock some secret door in pursuit of treasure hunt. At the same time some good words for the manufacturer of the parking bar and building management.

While I develop such techniques, I found other people keep struggling with it, having difficulty opening the bar. I found quite amusing that why people just don’t go and complain to building management, why they just struggle with the remote control, this apathy doesn’t make sense to me till one day I found the secret.
One day I reached the entrance and tried the remote control, it didn’t work as usual and then I started applying all the techniques one by one. I tried pressing the button with different angles, I also tried reversing my car to certain distance and then pressing the button with different strength. One by one it tried all and it didn’t work.

I moved to front entrance and tried it and it also didn’t work, Ummmm. Poor maintenance, it seemed that disease is now spread to front bar as well, these poor building people, they just charge hefty building management amount but rather spending on the building they all spend on their salaries, well it is quite much inflation since couple of year.

So I parked the car outside and went to watchman room and explain that it all in poor condition, nothing is working. He agreed to come to back entrance and look at the problem. I went there he came and tried with his remote. Wow, it worked.
I thanked him as I am an educated person so as part of custom I have to, then I again complained why you people don’t fixed the bar, why you just don’t change it. He asked how long I am staying here, as he just moved in this building for last 8 months. I proudly said 4 years, he said, Sir did you change the battery of your remote. What battery? I thought battery comes with the remote, work forever, and I haven’t received any instruction from them to have it replaced.

Anyway next day I open the remote and found an unusual size of battery inside having 9 volts written on it. That seems to be something very unusual, I am very proud of my observations and I have never seen something like that.

Next day I went to supermarket and went to electronic counter explain this unusual battery. He asked do I need for car remote, wow this guy is genius, I said yes. Well it is there in the battery stand among other normal batteries. I went there and found it was there. Ummm. How come I missed, how come I never noticed it and it was always there. It was just so very visible and easy to notice.

I changed the battery and it amazing; I never had problem again, no complex technique, no reversing of the car, no pressing the button in particular strength, nothing, just pressed and bar opened.

Everything was so perfect expect me. I was the noise in the whole equation.

For a moment I thought, the bar operates when remote generate a special frequency which matches to bar configured frequency and it opens. How many doors in my life, I had the same problem, but I always blamed on the bar, I was living in the perfect world, full of logic and reasoning, good commentator of people apathy, their social and philosophical problems and despite of all I was just damn bad that I never realized the battery inside me now need to be replaced, the frequency I am generating is not matching the other person frequency, don’t know how many time the bar has acted smartly and sympathetic to me and open the door of opportunity for me rather it was my brilliance and excellence.

I was perfect, my world was perfect, all the people acting around me were robots and stupid, I was the king of my world, I know all the problems and supposedly I know the solution but I never knew the problem was not in the surrounding, it was me.

I need to change the battery, I need to listen to everything that is coming to me and I will not have people feedback, unless I invite them to have, if even that day I haven’t gone to watchman, my perfect world never would had shattered. How come I never noticed the car remote cell while purchasing ‘AAA’ size batteries, we only see and listen what our brain expects, our intelligent subconscious mind exclude all the unwanted signals before it is refined and reached to higher authority, so my brain always kept happy, always sees and listen what it wants.

My battery changed and so I do. 

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  1. Zahoor Bhai
    Wa Alaikum, AsSalaam

    An Excellent write up ... because, what you've defined is the Pragmatic Truth ...

    But, as you know, I have my own classifications of the Brain's Functioning.

    I treat the Brain, as an Organ, like the heart, kidneys, and the stomach, etc.. In, that the Brain, Processes the Mind's Abstract Ideals, in conforming these to the Physical's Formal Reality.

    I would love to read your work in future ...

    Syed Hasan shahid Bukhari
    April, 2011


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