Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Speed Bumps

Today, I found a new speed bump built on the road that I use daily to go to my office, that speed bump was built in front of the school so understandably it is designed for the safety of the students of the school, a good thing that municipality people thought of. However when I was going back to home at evening, the speed bump was there as well, so I need to slow the car to dead speed to get over it, although school was closed. Quite understandably once speed bumps are build they don't go anywhere they remain there.

This let my mind to get into something fancy to drive analogies out of it. Speed bumps are negative instrument that work against the very purpose of road to facilitate the traffic but sometime we decided to have it to avoid bigger loss and compromise on the speed. We do consider them as safety checks to rein and control the speed menace and avoid any problem which may happen but not surely, when and how, but anyway we better think to have them installed.

We humans built our personality as we grow up facing different experiences, culture and custom. Such experiences allows us to build such road network of thoughts in our mind, and every "no" that we learn in our life is like a speed bump that restrict our capability to free flow our thoughts and innovation or at-least slow down our ability for adoption and something even think rationally.

However a "No" at some point of time doesn't means the same for your current situation, but since speed bumps built that they stay there even the school was closed, it keep slowing down everything and kill your speed, creativity.

So keep review your speed bumps (internal beliefs) , I usually prefer no speed hump but you need to have some. The worst of all that, sometime people are known for their speed bumps, as basic ingredients of their personality. A personality full of "No", I can't eat this, I can't watch this, I can't go there, I can't wear this, I can't do this.

I think a continuous thinking to review our internal speed bumps are required, but you need a motivation to do, a motivation is a vision that lead your way out and act as compass what you should do and what you shouldn't and what is the right way to go about.

A motivation should be a positive statement for you, for your family and for the people around you. A statement that let you know what is the better for you and all the people around. I again stress people around you, because your speed bump not only affects you but all the people that are connected to you.

So this statement let you know which speed bumps should remain be there and which should be removed.

Best of luck with your speed bumps, Live your life to fullest and use your brain rather let it use you.

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  1. Very nice thought Zahoor. You have actually said something very deep using the example of a speed bump which is quite insignificant in our daily lives. Great work!



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