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Dumb Cat or Kat or you whatsoever

Dumb Cat

Aug 2nd 2005

You know cats are cute, they are indeed and as the same time they are smart too. Though at our home we are not used to keep pets and as I believe to let them free in nature is a good option.

One good evening my family found a cat sitting next to my door, it was quite unusual especially for the kids. They had tried every way to poke her out that could had made her to runaway but that cat seems to quite stable in her intention and kept sitting with a innocent look on her face. She seems to be hungry, we guessed, so we gave some left over food which she quickly ate and run away.

Next evening she was again there at the same place, this time we didn’t fed her, some suggested this way she will be used to come daily, some agreed but some soft hearted people in our family never mind feeding her and she used to come every day at the same time event twice afterwards.

Soon after few weeks she becomes the familiar to our family, now she can roam into the house and people can touch and play with her and she had tried everything to get the attention by every family members especially those who feed her.

I also sometime fed her, as I said we don’t keep pets, we just tried to feed her as we felt she always come hungry for food.

One fine evening, she was again at the doorstep, sitting there with the innocent look on her face, by the way she was not that innocent as she is very selective in eating food what we presented to her, she seems to found to good food, no Khachra, please J. She communicated us in one or another way.

That evening, I also saw another cat with her, may be the other cat was uninvited guest and didn’t seem to be there with the consent of the old cat. I was having dinner at the time, so I saved few chicken pieces for the cat and after the dinner throw it towards the cats, the quantity was good so I felt probably that will feed both the cats, however I observed something that quite strike me, the new cat was hesitant to go for the chicken piece and she looked first toward me with the disbelieve in her eyes whether the pieces was for her or my old cat, and then she looked towards the other cat who was very much confident in grabbing pieces and branding herself as the favorite cats of the house and then I saw all the pieces was collected by the old cat and she didn’t offer anything to that new kitty and she finally runway without eating anything.

It was bit strange and at the same time familiar to me, that very much happen in our human world too. We human are not less than these two characters, we often found cat number 1 in our life who seems to promoting herself as the best person in town having access to all the resources and opportunity in his hand and marketing her personality as the person having power and access to the resources while the cat number 2 often found in our society having lack of confidence, lack of information and knowledge about where the opportunity exist and how to grab them and understand and know the real person distributing and managing resources, approach them and finally fell dependent to the smart cats and comprised for the whole life following the smart cats.

They never tried to understand that there is nothing exceptional in the smart cats except their confidence and perseverance.

What if that cat had attempted for the chicken piece for the first time, would I mind that O! Poor kitty this is for my old favorite cat and you are not allowed to have that, well this was not in my mind but was there in that kitty mind. How often just the perception change the whole picture, how often just looking at the positive side and being confident let you get to the new opportunities rather falling prey to circumstances and comprising rather inventing opportunities for ourselves.

Just think it out for 5 minutes in silent when last time you felt like cat number 2 and cat number 1 has taken the major share of your efforts and grabbed out your opportunity and leaving aside few bits and pieces for you. Just think when you last time gave up without even giving a try to solve your problems by yourself.

The choice is yours, what do you want, it up to you , Cat number 1 or Cat number 2, you can have your life being the Cat number 1 or Cat number 2, the choice is yours, it is just the matter of perception in your mind and getting more confidence. Would you now give a try, here see there is chicken piece for you :)

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  1. Rule of the jungle: Survival for the fittest.
    Rule of the modern civilization: Survival for the smartest!

    But again, I believe in the end, the Divine forces look at the intent deep down and then law of consequences prevails! :)


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